Days 4/5: Final workshops and the flight home

More business buildings in Beirut. Wonderfully beautiful designs.
More business buildings in Beirut. Wonderfully beautiful designs.

I know there aren’t many people reading my blog…yet. However, it seems odd that I wait 48+ hours to update on the last of the conference well after it was over. The reason being is that I usually type these posts right before I sleep; and seeing as I haven’t been to bed since 9 a.m. Lebanese time on the 20, this counts as my right-before-bed post.

The fourth and last official day of the conference was the most interesting to say the least. The topic were either the most controversial or most relevant to modern journalism. The three topics: Social media coverage of international justice, photojournalism of international crime, and a workshop with a defense attorney on preserving the presumption of innocence.

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Day 2: Panel discussions at MCIJ

My Lebanese breakfast at the Riviera,

I finally got to see parts of the city of Beirut today when I got up. Ate breakfast which consisted of several Lebanese foods including chickpeas. Although I found out today that I’m not the world’s greatest fan Mediterranean cuisine, I’ve definitely found some that I like but more importantly broadened my scope of food.

Outside of the hotel is a beautiful view of theĀ MediterraneanĀ sea as well as the Lebanon mountains. The architecture throughout the city is a mixture of both the old, pre-war style of Lebanese architecture and more modern-style of design. Aymann Mhanna, SKF executive director, said that the city is going through a rebuilding stage and that there is construction going on in any available space. Continue reading